Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Date fruit, food menu choices when breaking the fast for Muslims

Date Fruit Illustration
Date fruit is a 'drupe', best choice of food menu for Iftar to all Muslims people.

Are you fasting? or not?
If yes, who have never tasted a date when breaking the fasting. This is the best food to eat like Rasullulah SAW while fasting.

History of the palm of dates itself is as follows:

Dates are the fruit of a palm tree that grows from the genus phoenix Arecaceae family. The scientific name is the date palm Phoenix dactylifera. Dates are believed to originate from the soil around the Nile and the Euphrates. Now the palm trees are widely cultivated in warm temperate regions on all continents, including Africa, Australia and the USA (California).

Fresh dates very sweet taste that have fibrous flesh soft, like sugar or like honey syrup. Palm fruit pulp are contains sugars such as dextrose also fructose are easily digested and quickly recharge for the energy of your body's. These is one characteristics, it's suitable dates start fasting for muslims peoples.

That's why for Muslims likes and requires to eat dates when fasting.

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