Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cats disease at home, be careful

My son with his cat
Do you have a cat at home? Will it affect to your baby if contracted the disease from cats? The following bit of information I can give to you, because at home I also have pet cat. Various of cat also with expensive cats at my home.

Keep the cat in house there is a risk of contracting some kind of disease. Once I find information on the internet. Watch out for cats by toxoplasma disease. Is a kind of parasite that lives in the intestines of cats. So potentially infecting parasites through cat feces.

Usually cats are not good at defecation, feces cat will be scattered around the house, could be a parasite also has the potential to spread around the ground, floor, and yards. Parasites are also attached to the hair, mouth, and containers used to eat cats. It must be cautious.

Intestinal parasites in cats can also live in the human body. So we call animal diseases that could also in humans, or namely zoonoses. Adjacent to living with cats at risk of contracting this parasite. But not all cats carry this parasite. Only the infected cats are a source of transmitters.

Not just a cat. It could also be a dog, goat, cow, buffalo, or any animal infected with this parasite. Usually the animals are grazing.

Cats at our home
Parasites in the form kiste into the body or the goat eating grass contaminated with parasites will grow in the flesh. So we must be careful and watch if you eat some meat goats, cow or even buffalo if not ripe, if it turns out the animals suffering from disease like toxoplasmosis.

For babies, the same risk with toxoplasma in adults. But later for women, these parasites cause problems when you are pregnant with positive toxoplasma. If diseased, the results of blood tests in laboratory, there is a positive toxoplasma. Pregnancy with toxoplasma resulting disabled child in the womb, if not, your child will die. Then you should not get pregnant if positive by toxoplasma.

My husband with our cat
There are other kinds of diseases brought by a cat, a worm disease. But no more dangerous than toxoplasma. How to prevent getting infected, with hygiene. In additional if on your home environment it must be clean, hygiene, especially for your hand washing rules. Parasites from around the house easily attached to the fingers of the hand. When you eat without washing your hands with soap thoroughly, then toxoplasma infection takes place through these fingers.


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