Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Angry Bird Game, the most popular Game and loved our kids

Angry Bird Game
Did you know what is Angry Bird game?
It must all have been played, and of course, it's fun!
Especially if you play with your beloved child, the more exciting one.

Yes, Angry Bird is an arcade game, strategies how to shoot a birds "Angry Bird" to pigs. If the birds throw on target then the opponent's defense it will be destroyed, and the main purpose is to kill a pigs of his opponent.

Most exciting game today, and the game can be played on a personal computer or a touch screen of smartphone.

If you are curious about this game? please download or buy it directly to the official website Angry Bird

Well, now do you know the bird species found in Angry Bird game?

The Red Bird of Fire, Bird is in the game is still classified as a bird that can destroy the barrier, but not too devastated.
The ice blue birds, birds of this species in the game have the ability if we click will be three birds, which can destroy the barrier of ice.
Yellow Bird is a pretty strong bird to destroy the barrier of wood, with a single click can accelerate to break through the solid wood.

The black is a powerful bird, the bird serves as a bomb to destroy the pigs and barriers made ​​of stone, ice, or wood, with the explosion could destroy the hideouts of the pig.

The white, this bird can destroy the eggs that could blow up hiding the pig.
The green, the birds are in the game can serve as a boomerang, which can turn back to destroy the hideouts of the pig.

The gallant eagle, this bird I still do not know, because it has not been until the end, the birds are said to exist at the end, to destroy the king of pork.


  1. I have not tried playing the game, but those birds look great. Glad to know they exist too.

    Here to visit you!

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