Monday, November 21, 2011

Signs of pregnancy for young mother

Pregnancy Sign
Are you feel sick and missed menstruation after a few months marriage? Perhaps it's you think that nausea as a sign of pregnancy? Before you convict yourself is pregnant or not, the signs of pregnancy for young mother is must be recognized and understood.

This article I will explain about how to discern the signs of pregnancy for new mother and women. Signs of pregnancy are divided into 2 symptoms, ie uncertain pregnancy and sure pregnancy symptoms.

Uncertain Pregnancy Symptoms:
  • No menstruation at all is the first symptom that is sensed by a woman who recognizes that she is with child or not. Important for note when the designated day of the first day last time span of menstruation to work out with child age furthermore to approximated designated day of birth. For straightforward equation how to work out the designated day of birth when with child, while the designated day is +7 and - 3 for months, counted and assess from the first designated day of last menstruation period.
  • Nausea pursued by vomiting or not often happen in first month pregnancy.
  • Cravings or desire certain thing good that is nourishment, drink or any thing else.
  • Defecation disorders due towards hormonal influences.
  • Urination frequent, particularly after pregnancy is more great or large.
  • Sometimes a expectant woman can go beyond out in assemblage, principally in the early months of pregnancy.
  • No appetite, possibly a thing to perform with a sense of nausea.
Uncertain Signs Pregnancy Symptoms:
  • Changes your skin shade of color becomes darker than beforehand reflected about going over 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Whitish or excessive blast from the vagina due towards hormonal influences.
  • Breast adjustments becomes more nervous and enlarged.
  • Swollen gums, particularly in the first month of pregnancy.
  • Enlargement of the abdomen particularly noticeable later 14 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy checks give affirmative results.
Sure Signs of Pregnancy:
  • When moving the abdomen and seem the fetus & fetal motion.
  • When listened with the Doppler fetal heartbeat shall be heard.
  • Seen onto ultrasound fetal images.
  • Visible photograph of X ray scrutiny fetal skeletons.
Symptoms last one above is a symptom of pregnancy is certain, this happens to me when I was pregnant. And the sign that is very encouraging for me. Since I'll be a mother of the fetus is in my body. Now I already have 2 children that is growing into adult.

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