Monday, November 21, 2011

Both of my babies are born premature

Each mother while born new baby usually is normal, but not everything normal, as I personally have had 2 children, both of my babies are born premature ie less than 9 months 10 days. Or rather about 8 month's.

While born my baby, of course performed cesarean operation, where the operation is performed if baby condition is premature or something happen that requires surgery.

Although my baby's born more earlier, but all my baby's condition was healthy, no symptoms of disease or abnormality. Due my baby's have very small body, his weight was an average of 2 kilogram. I am very sad to see my baby's with small body size and weight. But there is a feeling very happy because my baby is safely.

During care of premature babies, there is special treatment in providing nutrition or milk. The first week of birth, my baby can't breastfeed directly to my breast, so that should give special premature baby formula milk in a week.

Here are my tips when caring for premature babies, up to age one month:
  • Within first week, give infant formula that is recommended by pediatricians, so the baby can drink with milk nutrition without going through at mother's breast.
  • During the week, squeeze the milk from mother breast, with this, mother will not feel sick at breast.
  • Give baby's with mother's milk mixed by formula milk, so that the baby will be stronger body resistance.
  • After the baby is able to breastfeed directly at mother's breast, as is usually done with giving milk and special milk mixture premature infant formula.
Maybe that's all can I give nutritional guidelines and tips for premature babies. With breast milk directly will give your baby's immune system will become stronger. And development of weight baby will grow more faster.

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