Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to improve your child's appetite in 6 ways

Child's Appetite Illustration
At present I posted introduce my family, I have had 2 children, the first 4 years old and second is 1 year old. The oldest child named Farrel. Farrell was thin and slim body but very agile. Due to the high activity for this child, often playing that forget to eat. When the eat time came, is too hard to spend a meal. Moreover, the Farrel did not like fatty foods such as meat, chicken and soon. He prefers food like soup or gravy.

Problems experienced to my child that is the lack of appetite. By reading the literature on the internet I finally get some information about how to improve your child's appetite in 6 ways.

Here's my tips in delivering food intake to Farrel, at now he starting to eat with fatty foods, as well as regular meals every day for 3 times.
  1. Create a meal by trying the same material but with different recipes, such as corn, maize is usually eaten Farrell if there is liquid, like soup made of corn, the other alternative, I made the corn to be like corn pancakes, or snack cakes such as corn, maize porridge and so forth.
  2. Stay always trying to get kids to eat (main meals) 3 times a day so that the nutrients that enter the body of the child is awake, need to be notified for babysiter to feed the child must be patient and painstaking.
  3. Provide appropriate multivitamin with the condition age of your child. Multivitamins can be bought at a pharmacy or a mini market which many kinds.
  4. Always provide fresh fruits such as apples, bananas and papaya. Because many children like fruit.
  5. Provide with de-worming, so that the child's body does not have symptoms of intestinal worms.
  6. Try also asking to the doctor, when the child was ill, asked whether the condition of their food intake is correct or not. Ask the best solution to increase the appetite of the child to the doctor.
With the tips above, I apply also to my second child, where my second child was much more fun to eat, always eating soft foods that I give. As well as portions of the longer growing. Hopefully this article is useful.


  1. oh yes! i've experienced this when my kids were still young and I had to muster all the patience I have just to make them eat. Thanks for the visit! following you now :)

  2. Nice share sist,.someday if I have child, I wanna tray it.. :)



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